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Help vulnerable people overcome disaster, poverty, and discrimination

Mission East works to lift vulnerable people and communities out of extreme poverty, mainly in the remote Karnali Zone in western Nepal. When a major natural disaster occurs anywhere in the country, we step in with emergency relief.

The communities in Nepal’s Karnali Region are among the most isolated in the world. The area can only be reached on foot which takes several days. Due to this isolation and the lack of basic services, people live in extreme poverty and struggle to feed their families. Many children die because of diseases linked to contaminated water and poor hygiene. The area is also prone to natural disasters.  

Mission East began its work in Karnali in 2007 focusing on improving access to clean water and hygiene to decrease incidences of disease. Together with local partners, we have since widened our focus to include disaster risk reduction, food security, livelihoods improvement, and strengthening the realisation of rights of marginalised groups such as Dalits, people with disabilities, and women.

Nepal 2
Nepal 2

The caste system continues to rule much of daily life in Nepal, and Dalits – the so-called untouchables – are those suffering most from systematic discrimination. People with disabilities are also often excluded from community life. Due to the harsh living conditions with recurring natural disasters, insufficient roads and lacking health services, disabilities are widespread. Mission East aims to always include vulnerable groups such as Dalits and people with disabilities in our projects.

Women also face severe discrimination, which manifests itself in child marriages, illiteracy and heavy workloads at home. Through Mission East's literacy groups, women are taught about their rights and how to improve living conditions by starting up small businesses.

When a major natural disaster occurs in Nepal, such as the 2015 earthquakes and the severe flooding in late summer 2017, we work together with local and international partners to provide immediate emergency relief. In the aftermath of the disaster we help people rebuild their homes and livelihoods so that they can return to normal lives. In our disaster response we also have a strong focus on including the most vulnerable groups to make sure no one is left behind.

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