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Give a Christmas present to Amira and her friends at the child friendly spaces in war-torn Iraq!

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24 Jun 2013 | Mission East

Aid to inaccessible corners of the world - Spring 2013

In the Takhar province in Afghanistan, Mission East has constructed 110 km of gravel road, connecting villages in two of the area’s most inaccessible districts, with the province's capital, Taloqan. The villagers used to be hampered by their isolation but now they have gained access to new opportunities.
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Food aid on its way to flood victims in Nepal

In India and Nepal, severe flooding has already cost more than a hundred lives, and more people have been reported missing. In Nepal, Mission East is in the process of getting food aid to the victims in the remote mountainous region of Karnali.

In recent day, excessive monsoon rains have caused major flooding and landslides in northern India and western Nepal. Amongst other areas, the flooding has hit the region of Karnali in northwestern Nepal where people live in isolated and inaccessible areas.

12 Jun 2013 | Mission East

Mission East annual report 2012

2012 marked exciting new developments in the work of Mission East, both in our project countries in Eastern Europe and Asia, and at home in Denmark. While the year before, we had concluded a strategic process in which we identified two priority sectors in our development work: Rural Community Development and Disability & Special Needs, 2012 saw our project work expanded in these areas, resulting in an increasing impact with an increasing number of beneficiaries.


Now, Sayeed bakes 50 loaves of bread a day

Access to credit: Due to her situation, Sayeed was invited to participate when Mission East, in cooperation with local village councils, organized training for kitchen gardening. "I learned a lot about farming, sales and a healthy diet for children," Sayeed says. Later, Mission East received permission to help the women in the village to start self-help groups. The group members learn how to save up money together, and take loans from the money collected. The poor rarely have access to loans from a bank, because they cannot provide security.

Ruzimoh got her chance to flourish

Despite her disability, Ruzimoh is a very fast learner. Her parents realized that when a children’s corner was established in their village.
When Ruzimoh was born, her mother quickly discovered that she was not like other children, since Ruzimoh didn’t respond when her mother spoke to her. When Ruzimoh grew up, she could not speak, and her mother tried to hide her from the neighbours in the village in the province of Panjakent.

Achievements in 2017

Disability and inclusion
Disaster Risk Reduction
Emergency relief
Food Security
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Creating a Safe Space

Health services for refugees

Improving WASH and Food Security

Standing Strong

Needs of Internally Displaced Persons

Emergency Response, Recovery and Returns

Bringing People Back Together

Relief, Rehabilitation and Development

Drought in Afghanistan

Brighter Future

New Ways to Grow

Gender Justice

Reducing hunger

Response to HIV Epidemic

Together 4 Armenia

Equality for All

Living Together, Learning Together

Improvement Project

Social Services 4 Inclusion

Fostering Communities