Create a safer future for Iraqi children

Give a gift to Amira and her friends at the child friendly spaces in war-torn Iraq!

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Give the children of Iraq a better future!

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Chhepi's fields are green again

A project on ”climate-smart” agriculture has created optimism in a village in Western Nepal. With solar-powered water pumps the local farmers can irrigate and cultivate their fields. In December, Mission East’s local partner organisation received an award for the project.

By Kim Wiesener, Communications Officer

16 Dec 2016 |

Hairdressing in a tent

At the Mission East youth centre on Sinjar Mountain, 50 young Yezidi girls have learnt to cut hair, while others have become adept at using a sewing machine.

By Kim Wiesener, Communications Officer

The young girls are handling the situation with a combination of seriousness and smiles. They are intensely focused on creating a beautiful, almost Hollywood-like, hairstyle for their friend, but it is also obvious that they are having fun.

16 Dec 2016 |

Escaped from Islamic State

A Yezidi family on Sinjar Mountain has been split into several parts due to the ravage of Islamic State in Northern Iraq. Four members are still prisoners of the terrorist movement.

By Kim Wiesener, Communications Officer

Naida has ten children – but only six of them are with her. Naida’s three oldest sons and one daughter are captives of the terrorist movement Islamic State. And the fate of her husband is uncertain.

16 Dec 2016 |

From Nepal’s civil war to hotspot Iraq

Binay Basyal is Mission East’s country director in conflict-ridden Iraq. The Nepalese aid worker is no stranger to civil wars – he experienced one in his home country.

By Kim Wiesener, Communications Officer

What does it take to lead a Mission East office in a war zone? According to Binay Basyal, it requires a combination of calmness and indignation – on top of the necessary professional skills.

16 Dec 2016 |

“It is hard to ignore when you see what they have been through”

The Danish emergency aid specialist, Knud Andersen, has been in Iraq since October to coordinate Mission East’s efforts to help the many people who are fleeing Mosul. A humanitarian disaster of this scale requires a lot of planning – and flexibility.

By Kim Wiesener, Communications Officer

Distribution of emergency aid is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. A lot of pieces need to fall into place when the scale of a humanitarian crisis becomes as large as it is expected to be when the flow of refugees out of Mosul escalates.

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