8 Jul 2021 | Mission East

Meteorologist: Help the world to cope with climate change

The famous danish weatherman Mikael Jarnvig appeals to invest money and technology to provide water, food and energy to the world's poorest. Otherwise, our children and grandchildren will witness a climate catastrophe of dimensions, he says. Jarnvig recommends Mission East's climate efforts.

5 Jul 2021 | Mission East

Beneficiaries influence Mission East's strategy

Mission East has just held a workshop with community members in Nepal. Here, they told us what works well and less well in our relief and development work.

For the first time ever, Mission East is now inviting the people we help to contribute their vision of what Mission East's activities should look like in the future.

24 Jun 2021 | Mission East

Meteorologist: Help the world to cope with climate change

The famous danish weatherman Mikael Jarnvig appeals to invest money and technology to provide water, food and energy to the world's poorest. Otherwise, our children and grandchildren will witness a climate catastrophe of wide dimensions, he says. Jarnvig recommends Mission East's climate efforts.

9 Jun 2021 | Mission East

Secretary General: We determinedly continue our help in the furthest reaches of the world

Secretary General Betina Gollander-Jensen spoke at Mission East's annual meeting in Hellerup on 30 May 2021: “The target group will contribute to our new strategy. We must apply for a new partnership agreement with Danida. We will remain in Afghanistan even if military support is withdrawn. We are setting up a new office in Syria to follow up on the projects."

We share excerpts of Betina’s message here:

2 Jun 2021 | Mission East

Annual meeting showed an effective and focused organization

Mission East's annual general meeting last Sunday showed an organization that can adapt and reach far with help for the most needy. A vote showed overwhelming majority for the for the current board and the new leadership in Mission East.

2 Jun 2021 | Mission East

Hartzner stops his involvement in Mission East

After former Secretary General Kim Hartzner was voted down as board member and chairman at the general meeting last Sunday, he has chosen to stop his work in Mission East and now recommends the current board and secretary general's work to continue the organization’s mission.

After last Sunday's annual general meeting in Mission East, the founders and former general secretaries Kim and René Hartzner now announce that together they will "stop our active work in Mission East".

27 May 2021 | Mission East

Mission East has helped over 500,000 people in 2020

At the annual meeting on May 30, the aid organization can celebrate progress for the benefit of the world's needy.

The corona pandemic defined 2020 – and also for Mission East. Over 250,000 people worldwide received help for virus protection. This is just one of the reports that will be presented at Mission East's annual meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Sunday afternoon, 30 May.

3 Apr 2021 | Mission East

Happy life-affirming Easter!

An Easter-message from our Secretary General Betina Gollander-Jensen:

It sprouts and grows around us. Seeds and bulbs that used to lie dormant under leaves, moss and branches have now awakened to new life. Shrubs and trees with bare branches shoot new shoots. Spring has come and demonstrates before our eyes that life in all its manifold richness will always overcome the dead, dry, frozen and petrified.

30 Mar 2021 | Mission East

Mission East is looking for an Economy Director

JOB OPPORTUNITY: If you want to be at the forefront of the overview and development of financial management in an ambitious Danish NGO, then we are looking for an astute and dynamic Economy, Administration and Compliance Director in a newly created position.

6 Jan 2021 | Mission East

New Year's greetings from Mission East

2020 was a challenging year on many fronts. But challenges are not only bad, they can also hold good opportunities if we pause and learn from the things that were difficult.

31 Dec 2020 | Mission East

Futurist about 2021: Safe preparedness is more important than ever

The Corona pandemic has taught us the importance of local staff, local partners and equipping locals to mitigate disasters. Everything that Mission East is good at, says futurist Marianne Levinsen.

- The expertise you have gained in disaster areas, you can now transfer to other countries in need, she adds.

27 Nov 2020 | Mission East

Mission East's new Managing Director: Innovation and stability must go hand in hand

PORTRAIT: Betina Gollander-Jensen is appointed as the new Managing Director of Mission East from 1st of January 2021. She comes from a position as International Manager of Caritas and has previously been abroad with DANIDA and the UN in South Africa, Uganda, Sudan and Kenya.

Innovation and consolidation. Local cooperation and tight financial management. Focus on the individual in need and strengthen the entire organization.

27 Nov 2020 | Mission East

Mission East has a new Managing Director with extensive experience in relief work

PRESS RELEASE: Betina Gollander-Jensen is appointed as new Managing Director of Mission East with the starting date of January 1st, 2021. She comes from a position as international manager at Caritas and has previously been abroad with DANIDA and the UN.

Betina Gollander-Jensen is appointed as the new Managing Director of Mission East from the 1st of January 2021. She comes from a position as International Manager at Caritas Denmark.

24 Jun 2020 | Mission East

Statement from Mission East

Over the past week there have been stories in the press about Mission East. Here is a short clarification of the situation.

Mission East has received public grants from Germany since 2003. Over the years, these grants have risen steadily and have enabled us to help even more vulnerable people especially in Afghanistan, Iraq, Tajikistan and North Korea.

9 Jun 2020 | Mission East

Mission East's COVID-19 response

Here's an overview of our extensive Corona response: How are we supporting - and what are the challenges?

Mission East was quick to respond to the humanitarian crisis following the COVID-19 outbreak with a large-scale COVID-19 emergency relief plan to help over 350,000 people in five selected countries: Nepal, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq.

4 Dec 2019 | Mission East

The fight against poverty is a fight for inclusion

Poverty and exclusion are linked. If we want to fight the former, we must do something about the latter. Mission East has developed an inclusion guide for organizations and others who want to make inclusion of everyone who is subject to social marginalization and discrimination an integrated practice in day-to-day work.

3 Dec 2019 | Mission East

From bare survival to lust for life

Many refugees associate guilt and shame with the violent experiences many have had during their escape. War refugees experience terrible mental trauma. How do they get on with their lives?

We have asked Louise Schwartz from the Department of Trauma and Torture Survivors in Odense.

What makes survivors of trauma and torture survive, or rather, overcome terrible war experiences?

26 Sep 2019 | Mission East

Nexus - between crisis and development


In the world's most troubled and vulnerable countries, Mission East works with both short-term disaster relief, long-term development and everything in between, which helps get a country and its people back on track - also called 'nexus'.

When Mission East moves into a country with relief, a long stretch of work begins. It spans from providing food, water and blankets in emergency situations to a slow rebuilding of a community before actual development work begins.

25 Sep 2019 | Mission East

Wills: Born with a charity gene

She has been collecting clothing, hospital supplies, furniture, beds and medicine together for Bulgaria and South America, especially Bolivia, for over 30 years. Concert pianist Astrid Møller is a fiery soul who is passionate about helping the world's poorest. Astrid Møller was born with a help gene.

24 Jul 2019 | Mission East

Annual report 2018: Building lasting change together

Mission East’s Annual Report for 2018 shows how Mission East continues to work in humanitarian response, long-term development and in the fragile space between the two. We provided rapid humanitarian support to communities emerging from conflict or suffering from natural disasters while continuing to build long-term partnerships for lasting change.

Read the annual report

1 Sep 2017 | Mission East

Mission East awarded stamp of approval for humanitarian work

Mission East has been recognised among leading aid agencies with the award of a certificate of compliance with the Core Humanitarian Standard. Certification is only awarded to agencies carrying out work of the highest standard.

August 2017

The Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) sets out a framework of responsibilities for aid workers and aid organisations, to ensure the delivery of timely, well-informed, effective humanitarian aid, by competent staff, and with respect and participation of aid recipients.

12 Apr 2017 | Mission East

Minister: Cooperation is beautiful

Through local knowledge and know-how, organisations like Mission East can gain better access to some areas than government representatives. In turn, the Danish authorities can contribute financially. According to the Minister for Development Cooperation, Ulla Tørnæs, this is a unique form of cooperation.

By Svend Løbner, Journalist

2 Mar 2017 | Mission East

”You are ready to move – also for the long haul”

NGOs like Mission East are very much needed in a future with climate change and overpopulation, says former Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Per Stig Møller.

By Svend Løbner, freelance journalist

“Mission East has a broad agenda that covers emergency aid as well as long term development, e.g. road building in Afghanistan. You have a wide scope that enables you to react quickly, but also engage in long-lasting and long-term work. This is quite unusual for such a young organisation,” Per Stig Møller noted recently.

1 Feb 2017 | Mission East

Futurologists: Fast, hitech aid can prevent future conflicts

What will aid work be like in 25 years? Mission East has interviewed two Danish futurologists, each with their own point-of-view. One of them believes in self-help via the internet and new technology, the other predicts that there will be more speed and flexibility in aid. Both, however, agree that aid organisations will be needed in the future.

By Svend Løbner, freelancejournalist

1 Feb 2017 | Mission East

‘Aid is our life's passion!’

It started in a garage in the Danish town of Birkerød. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, René and Kim Hartzner sent food, medicine and hospital equipment to poor people in Eastern Europe. Today, Mission East has grown into a quite large aid organisation, specialising in emergency relief and long-term development in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The enthusiasm is undiminished.

By Svend Løbner, freelance journalist

16 Dec 2016 | Mission East

Dane collects money for Iraq

Johannes Lee preferred donations for Mission East to receiving gifts for himself.

By Line Højland, Communications Officer

“For my 40th birthday, I chose to ask the guests to give a donation instead of a gift for me. The reason for choosing displaced people in Iraq was primarily that there was a lot of focus on the issue at the time. Therefore, it also had the attention of myself and my guests,” Johannes said.

16 Dec 2016 | Mission East

Jubilee reception: Aid makes a difference

“Mission East contributes to making Danish development assistance more efficient than we could manage on our own,” then Minister for Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen said at the 25th jubilee celebration on 18 November. The former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Per Stig Møller, added that Mission East’s development work also stabilises vulnerable countries that have been forgotten by the rest of the world.

By Svend Løbner, Freelance Journalist 

27 Oct 2015 | Mission East

New Mission East Ambassador: Master of Steel Pans Wants to Change the World

Mission East's new music ambassador, Gregory Boyd, is incredibly skilled on the so-called steel pans. When people listen to his music, he hopes that the audience understands the symbolism: The poor can rise out of their misery, like his shiny steel pans that were once simple rubbish bins.

By Svend Løbner, journalist

The sound is both soft and crisp. The tones succeed and mingle with each other in authentic harmonies that evoke images of salty beaches, swaying palm trees, pavilions of bamboo and the serving of exotic drinks.

27 Mar 2015 | Mission East

Press Release: Mission East prevents the second wave of the disaster

After emergency relief was provided for the cyclone affected Vanuatu Islands, the fields belonging to the population will be planted with fast-growing crops to prevent a famine.

Mission East is known for fast emergency care and sustainable development assistance. After the cyclone Pam swept the Vanuatu Islands last Saturday, both are required. Therefore emergency food aid is now launched in re-cultivation of the fields. Otherwise, the vulnerable pacific islands will be facing another disaster.

17 Jun 2014 | Mission East

Annual Report 2013

2013 marked the inclusion of new groups of beneficiaries in current and new geographies, as well as the establishing of Mission East in neighbouring Germany.

We continue to expand our work in the priority development sectors of Rural Community Development and Disability & Special Needs, promoting inclusion of the vulnerable and marginalized in society at large, and thus reducing poverty.
Read the report here

24 Jun 2013 | Mission East

Aid to inaccessible corners of the world - Spring 2013

In the Takhar province in Afghanistan, Mission East has constructed 110 km of gravel road, connecting villages in two of the area’s most inaccessible districts, with the province's capital, Taloqan. The villagers used to be hampered by their isolation but now they have gained access to new opportunities.
Read the entitre issue here.

12 Jun 2013 | Mission East

Mission East annual report 2012

2012 marked exciting new developments in the work of Mission East, both in our project countries in Eastern Europe and Asia, and at home in Denmark. While the year before, we had concluded a strategic process in which we identified two priority sectors in our development work: Rural Community Development and Disability & Special Needs, 2012 saw our project work expanded in these areas, resulting in an increasing impact with an increasing number of beneficiaries.


1 Aug 2012 | Mission East

Information about the orphanage in Nepal

The Nepal Eternity Orphan Home, an orphanage supported financially by Mission East, is going through serious difficulties and the current orphanage director has been removed from his duties. A team from Mission East went to Nepal to gather information and to assess the situation. Mission East continues to follow the situation closely and is in contact with the relevant authorities and organisations and is making sure that the children at the orphanage are properly cared for. Mission East’s first priority is the care of the children.

August 2012

16 May 2012 | Mission East

Better disaster relief for the world

Now Mission East, together with our partners, can respond to disasters in the whole world within a very short period of time. This is made possible by an intensified collaboration within the global alliance, Integral.

30 Sep 2011 | Mission East

New edition of Mission East magazine

The newest edition of Mission East's magazine is now available on this website.
This time you can read about Afghanistan, where Mission East is building a protection wall protecting the population against natural disasters such as mudslides, earthquakes and floods. Read here what a huge difference it makes to the population.

1 Sep 2011 | Mission East

Kim Hartzner: "A stitch in time saves nine"

"It is a normal human response to help when we see the huge devastation that results when a tsunami, drought, earthquake or flood strikes. But this devastation can be minimized by prevention measures.
So if small amounts of money can make a big difference through prevention, why do we wait until disaster strikes before we act with empathy and generosity?
In a quote for the news agency Reuters, the EU Commissioner for humanitarian aid, Kristalina Georgieva, suggests that prevention is simply not as quick to grab your attention.

6 Jul 2011 | Mission East

Celebrating 20 years of Mission East


What would make 278 people spend four hours inside on a sunny Saturday in May?

You would know the answer if you attended the Mission East 20-year anniversary and annual meeting held on May 7th in the town of Ringe on the island of Funen in the middle of Denmark.

2 Jun 2011 | Mission East

New centre in Bulgaria opened after years of work

Saturday June 11th was a great day in the 20-year history of Mission East.
On that day, together with our local partner in Bulgaria and our international partner in America, Church of God, we celebrated the official opening of the Church and Social Centre in Sofia. This was the fruit of several years’ work of establishing such a centre in the Bulgarian capital.

22 Sep 2009 | Mission East

Birthday Reception at Havarthigaarden

Kim Hartzner, Mission East’s Managing Director, will turn 50-years-old on April 21st.

To celebrate, a reception will be held at:

Havarthivej 6 i Holte

From 1pm to 5.30 pm.

Should anyone wish to congratulate Kim with a present, he would prefer a donation to Mission East (which will contribute to Mission East’s work with disabled children in the oft-forgotten country of Tajikistan).

1 Jul 2007 | Mission East

Well-attended AGM

About 80 supporters attended Mission East’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Whit Monday to hear about the results of Mission East’s work in 2006. Speakers included Managing Director Kim Hartzner who explained Mission East’s work for disabled children in Armenia.

3 May 2007 | Mission East

Kim Hartzner speaks at the Annual General Meeting on May 28th

Managing Director, Dr. Kim Hartzner, visits Vorbasse in Jutland on May 28th to talk about his work with handicapped children in Armenia. Kim Hartzner has lived in Armenia with his wife and three sons since August 2006, heading up the Mission East office there.

1 Apr 2007 | Mission East

Danish weatherman is the new Mission East Ambassador

The Danish weatherman Mikael Jarnvig, known from TV, has agreed to support Mission East's work because he wants to attract attention to some of the world’s forgotten crises.
It has been a tough winter for our small family here in Armenia. While Europe has been bathed in spring temperatures, the southern Caucasus has been hit by one of the harshest winters in living memory.

23 Dec 2005 | Mission East

The tsunami one year after


On Boxing Day 2004, a massive earthquake deep in the Indian Ocean triggered tidal waves which reached speeds of 500mph and a height of 20 metres when they hit Indonesia. Some 300,000 people across 12 countries were killed. 

Mission East and the other Integral partners started the relief work almost immediately in the most affected countries - India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. 

23 Dec 2005 | Mission East

Mission East supports Medair in Pakistan

Mission East is supporting the International aid organisation Medair to help the survivors from the earthquake in Pakistan.

Medair is implementing an emergency relief programme in Poonch District, 110 km from Islamabad. The focus is on temporary shelter and distribution of relief items to earthquake survivors. 

Medair has already distributed shelter kits to 2,600 families and 300 tents have been given to families in need. By Christmas Medair plan to have distributed 1,000 more shelter kits and 700 more tents, to help families survive the winter.