Our work to help some of the world’s most vulnerable people is only possible because of the support we get from others.

Mission East funding come from both private and public sources. In 2018, two thirds of our income was publicly funded. The Danish state remained our main source of public funding through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CISU and DMCDD grants. The US Department of State and the German state were also very important donors.

Private sources provided above 30 per cent of Mission East income. The funding obtained from private supporters or foundations is extremely significant, as large public grants often require a certain amount of co-funding from other sources.

In 2018, 69.9 per cent of our budget was spent on emergency relief, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. 26.1 per cent was spent on long-term development programmes in countries like Nepal and Myanmar.

We always make an effort to be as cost-effective as possible, and in 2018 only 7 per cent of the total annual budget was spent on administration.

Thanks to all who support our work!

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