Tap stands change lives

For families in the poorest mountain area of Nepal a lot of time is spent fetching water - time that could have been spent in the field working on producing a better yield
40-year-old Indahara's bare feet leave traces in the mud as she walks down the mountain. Here and there mudslides have turned the path into a challenge and it is hard to imagine how she will manage when snow soon starts to fall.

But she has no other choice. Her family can't survive without water and the only two tap stands are placed down at the bottom of the mountain village. Here she fills her copper jar with water and carefully places the heavy container in the basket that she carries on her back. Then she fights her way back up the muddy paths.

Soon she will have to do this no more.

Together with our local partner, Mission East is in the middle of constructing two new tap stands in the upper part of the village. To Indahara this makes such a big difference in her life that she has trouble believing it. The other villagers feels deeply touched that somebody actually cares for them.

"It feels like a brotherhood," says one of the older men.

October 2008