Mission Øst Irak grønt initiativ i Mosul

World Environment Day 2022

In celebration of World Environment Day Sunday the 5th of June, we are proud to share one of our green initiatives in Iraq.🌱

A total of 5,000 trees have been planted in the public parks of Mosul city.
90 women and men participated in the tree planting and installation of watering systems in Mosul's public parks.

“Mosul needs a lung from which to inhale oxygen, and it is the green spaces. We must take care of green spaces to reduce pollution and gas emissions and increase oxygen,” says Dr. Al-Mashhadani, professor at the University of Mosul, specialized in environmental sciences.

Mission Øst Mosul by grønt initiativ

This was a three-pronged initiative that aimed at:

  • providing an immediate income for vulnerable workers
  • raising awareness about the protection of our environment among the local community
  • contributing to the revival of Mosul City which used to be called 'Um Al-Rabe’ain', the City of Two Springs. 

A special thanks to Danida - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark - and and Diocese of Cologne who has supported this green initiative in coordination with the Municipality of Mosul.