Projekt Land Projektstatus Projekttyper
Living Together, Learning Together: A Child's Right to Quality Inclusive Education/Phase 2 Armenien Aktivt Handicap og inklusion
Equality for All: Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities // Lighed for alle - inkluderende undervisning for børn med handicap Armenien Afsluttet Handicap og inklusion
Together 4 Armenia: Strengthening of Diaspora Engagement Armenien Afsluttet Handicap og inklusion, Levebrød
Support to the National Program on the Response to HIV Epidemic in the Republic of Armenia Armenien Afsluttet
Shelter and Employment to Syrian Armenian Refugees Armenien Afsluttet Nødhjælp, Levebrød
Reducing hunger and improving nutrition amongst children with disabilities and other marginalised children in remote mountain villages of Nepal. Nepal Afsluttet Fødevaresikkerhed
Gender Justice for a Brighter Future Nepal Afsluttet Handicap og inklusion, Levebrød
Rooting out poverty: rights and opportunities for women in Nepal Nepal Afsluttet Handicap og inklusion, Levebrød
Promoting inclusive Community Based Disaster Preparedness in the Recovery and Reconstruction of earthquake affected areas of Nepal Nepal Afsluttet
Linking Relief to Recovery & Reconstruction for most affected Populations – Nepal 2016 Nepal Afsluttet Katastrofeforebyggelse, Levebrød, Vand, sanitet og hygiejne
VOICE: Voicing for Equality and Justice for Women in Karnali Nepal Afsluttet Handicap og inklusion
Response to Nepal floods 2017 Nepal Afsluttet Katastrofeforebyggelse
New Ways to Grow : Improving Food Security in South Chin, Myanmar Myanmar Afsluttet Fødevaresikkerhed
Supporting COME school students for a brighter future Myanmar Aktivt Fødevaresikkerhed
Building for the Future: Capacity Building for Development in Southern Chin State Myanmar Afsluttet Fødevaresikkerhed
Building the resilience of remote, vulnerable communities in Badakhshan, north-eastern Afghanistan Afghanistan Afsluttet Fødevaresikkerhed, Levebrød, Vand, sanitet og hygiejne
Rapid response to drought in Afghanistan Afghanistan Afsluttet Nødhjælp
An Integrated, Community Driven Approach to Relief, Rehabilitation and Development in North Eastern Afghanistan Afghanistan Afsluttet Handicap og inklusion, Katastrofeforebyggelse, Nødhjælp, Fødevaresikkerhed, Levebrød, Vand, sanitet og hygiejne
Ensuring preparedness for timely and effective response to humanitarian needs arising from conflict, natural disasters and other emergencies in Badakhshan, Takhar, and Baghlan provinces, north-eastern Afghanistan Afghanistan Afsluttet Nødhjælp
Bringing People Back Together: Women and Youth Community Service Centre in Sinjar City Irak Aktivt Levebrød
Support to Displaced and Returnee Populations in Ninewa and Kirkuk Governorates of Iraq Through Shelter, Protection and Cash Transfers Irak Afsluttet Nødhjælp, Levebrød
Meeting Critical Needs for Emergency Response, Recovery and Returns in the Displacement Crisis in Northern Iraq Irak Afsluttet Nødhjælp
Meeting Critical Needs of Internally Displaced Persons in Central and Northern Iraq Irak Afsluttet Nødhjælp
Standing Strong: Rebuilding Livelihoods of Displaced Populatons in Iraq Irak Afsluttet Levebrød
Hjælp Nordkoreas sårbare børnefamilier Nordkorea Aktivt Fødevaresikkerhed, Vand, sanitet og hygiejne