WASH in Badakhshan, north-eastern Afghanistan


The intervention will target one of the most remote, hard-to-reach districts in Badakhshan province, Ishkashim which has a high level of unmet needs.This district is prone to recurrent natural disasters, conflict and harsh climatic conditions, which often leads to harvest failures,and is isolated from local markets, government and financial services and employment opportunities. The local population has inadequate diets and poor food security, and suffers from a lack of access to basic WASH services and consequently, has a high incidence of malnutrition and water-borne disease. The target group is therefore considered to be highly vulnerable and lacks resilience to shocks and crises.


Project Outcome: Decreased vulnerability to excreta-related and water-borne diseases through improved access to potable water and adequate sanitation facilities at community level, and improved hygiene practices
Output 1. Improved access to safe drinking water through the repair of 3 technically appropriate drinking water systems (according to Sphere standards)   
Output 2. Construction of 7 public-access latrines with hand-washing facilities constructed with community contribution in targeted villages
Output 3. Enhanced knowledge and understanding of 600 schoolchildren in improved personal and environmental sanitation and hygiene practice through provision of CHAST trainings and hygiene kits

Project action

Activities designed to improve access to safe drinking water include 
- Pre-project water quality testing and testing of water sources supplying the water systems to be repaired
- Technical surveys and planning to determine and address causes of disrepair and poor functioning 
-  Formation (if non-existent) and (re-)training of WASH Committees and involvement in project activities
- Rehabilitation and repair of water systems (or other appropriate technical options) in targeted communities and schools
-  Selection and (re-)training of volunteer community maintainers
- Post-project water quality assessment

Project details


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