Urgent WASH and shelter for displaced families in Iraq


A total of 2,300 Yazidi families live in a state of chronic displacement in informal settlements on the Sinjar Mountain. These families fled to the mountain following persecution by the Islamic State in 2014 and remain unable return to their home areas due to security concerns, damaged houses and lack of protection services. 
The lack of latrines in this densely populated settlement causes a potentially life-threatening risk of outbreaks of infectious diseases. Many of the families also lack shelter, which is also a very serious concern given the extreme weather conditions in Iraq and on the Sinjar Mountain in particular.


The project aims to provide and install 100 emergency latrines to reduce the risk of infectious diseases that are caused by unsafe open defecation and to provide privacy and dignity for displaced people.The project also aims to provide emergency shelter for the 100 displaced families that have the most critical shelter needs.

Project action

Project activities will include installation of 100 emergency latrines and distribution of 100 emergency family tents for shelter. As a result a total of 830 families (approximately 5,000 individuals) will be assisted.

Project details

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