Support to Displaced and Returnee Populations in Ninewa and Kirkuk Governorates of Iraq Through Shelter, Protection and Cash Transfers


Years of continuous conflict and economic stagnation has impact nearly every aspect of Iraqi society, and left millions of people displaced from their homes. During the past year alone, more than a million Iraqis have been forcibly displaced as a result of the military operations against IS in Mosul. The humanitarian crisis is likely to worsen as retaken areas suffer from infrastructural damage, un-restored services, lack of supplies, and unexploded ordinance contamination. Ninewa and Krikuk both have among the highest rates of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), placing a heavy strain on the government and host communities.


The project aims to support the basic needs, psychosocial stabilization and socio-economic recovery of displaced people and returnees, contributing towards the achievement of the Humanitarian Response Plan for Iraq.

Project action

The project will provide relief interventions in support for shelter, non-food items, cash grants, livelihoods and the protection needs of displaced and returnee populations in Ninewa and Kirkuk governorates. Through the provision of cash assistance, alongside Cash for Work initiative, IDPs are able to participate in income generating activities and other livelihood activities. Recognising that trauma is not only physical, the project centres upon providing and establishing psychosocial support and child-friendly spaces to initiate recovery and address the distressing trauma of IDPs.

Project details

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