Standing Strong: Rebuilding Livelihoods of Displaced Populatons in Iraq


The millions of persons displaced by the conflict in Iraq constitute a humanitarian crisis of significant proportions. Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) were forced to leave their houses and assets behind, becoming dependent on government services and the support from the humanitarian community for survival. Earning opportunities are scarce, and many lack either the capital or skill to re-establish their livelihood activities. The lack of economic opportunities remains a significant barrier to IPDs re-establishment of livelihoods, even in situations where it is safe to return to previous homes.


This project aims to support emergency livelihoods for IDPs and promote a return to economic self-sufficiency for host community members and returnees.

Project action

By encouraging and supporting IDPs engagement in economic opportunities, they are able to restore their livelihoods activities. IDPs will be supported with cash for work for income generation for vulnerable households. They will also receive materials and trainings for small-scale agriculture production. IDPs who are returning will also be supported through the restoration of water supply for irrigation and receive help with the re-establishment of small business, in conflict-damaged areas.

Project details

BPRM- Bureau of Population, Refugees & Migration

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