SAAMARTHYA; Advancing to Prosperous, Resilient and Socially Cohesive Society


This project is part of a multi-country programme working with partners across 4 countries (Myanmar, Nepal, Tajikistan, Armenia),  with the aim of strengthening civil society to help communities and individuals overcome poverty, marginalisation and vulnerability.  In Nepal, the programme addresses the problems of traditional discrimination against women, people with disabilities and Dalits,  and weak local government responsiveness.


Overall Objective: to promote an inclusive society and foster sustainable and fair development of the Karnali Province, Nepal.

Specific Outcomes: 
1. CSOs and CBOs in Sarkegad have increased ability to influence local level policy processes and services, to make them more inclusive and accountable, and CSOs are key actors in empowerment of women and marginalized groups;

2. Marginalized groups are better supported by local policy provisions, including budgets (which have increased), local representatives use inclusive and accountable planning;

3.Women of Sarkegad RM are socially and economically empowered, and have improved access to economic services.

Project action

The project provides women and adolescent girls with literacy and life-skills trainings, promoting livelihood and income generating activities, and raising understanding of their rights. Similarly, the project works with CSOs and media to build capacity so that they can effectively advocate towards local government representatives and improve local accountability.  Local government officials also receive training to improve their abilities to carry out inclusive local planning process and ensure resource allocation to the women, Dalit and persons with disability.

Project details


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