Rapid response to drought in Afghanistan


In 2018 Afghanistan experienced severe drought in more than 20 provinces, leading to extensive failure of crops and loss of livestock among its rural population. Agriculture and livestock rearing form the basis of rural livelihoods in two of the worst affected provinces of Takhar and Badakhshan where Mission East works in the northeast of Afghanistan. In an increasingly fragile and protracted conflict environment, where the local population is already highly vulnerable from the impact of conflict and recurrent natural disasters and lack of access to basic services, drought-affected communities and households risk sliding further into poverty and deprivation.


The purpose of the project is to save lives and livelihoods among the drought-affected population in northeastern Afghanistan.

Project action

Project activities include:    
- Provision of food and commodity vouchers to the households most in need
- Distribution of animal fodder and vaccinations to small-scale livestock farmers who are at risk of losing their animals (and therefore their key source of income) 
- Provision of rapid access to safe drinking water to avoid the use of unsafe water supply which is linked to high levels of life-threatening disease and malnutrition, especially amongst young children.
The project assists approx 1000 households (7000 individuals)

Project details

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