Provision of Emergency Livelihood Support for Highly Vulnerable Returnees and Non-Dispaced in Sinjar, Tel Afar, and Tuz Khurmatu


Iraq continues to face a complex humanitarian emergency with highly vulnerable populations requiring immediate livelihood assistance. It is estimated that 2.4 million people will require emergency livelihoods assistance in 2019, representing 37% of the total number of people in need. This figure includes 0.7 million IDPs living in camps and informal settlements, 1.5 million returnees, and 0.14 million highly vulnerable residents in host communities.  The repercussions of the military operations have been devastating to the livelihood status of those in need; deteriorating human, physical, natural, financial and social capital. This is compounded by the insufficient employment opportunities and harsh economic environment for returnees; women are more affected by this unemployment rate.


The aim of this project is to reach 1,350 highly vulnerable returnees (80%) and non-displaced persons (20%) in urban and peri-urban areas
of Sinjar, Tel Afar, and Tuz Khurmatu, and contribute to the restoration of sustainable income generation opportuntiites.

Project action

1,350 highly vulnerable returnee and non-displaced individuals will be provided with asset replacement grants as well as business development support to restore or establish a sustainable livelihood.

Project details


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