Meeting Critical Needs of Internally Displaced Persons in Central and Northern Iraq


The years of continuous conflict, in conjunction with the economic stagnation, has caused the displacement of nearly 3.4 million people in Iraq. As fighting continues in disputed areas, this number is due to rise as people flee violence. The displaced are living in emergency camps, temporary housing or informal shelters, increasing their already extreme vulnerability to further livelihood damage. Regardless of their location, they face extreme risks and challenges relating to shelter, water, food security, protection and health. Returning to retaken areas remains difficult, as buildings and infrastructure are damaged, services remain unrestored, supplies are irregular and unexploded ordinance contamination is widespread.


The project addresses the critical and ongoing physical needs and protection concerns of people affected by conflict-induced displacement in northern and central Iraq.

Project action

The project will address the basic winterisation, food, water, and cash needs of those affected by displacement and increase the coping capacity of conflict-affected populations and returnees. By addressing the critical needs of displaced and returned people they are able to survive and re-establish their livelihood activities. IDPs will also be provided protection related services and improved information on safe returns and overcoming psychosocial challenges, focussing on children and youth.

Project details

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