Meeting critical needs for emergency response, recovery and returns in the displacement crisis in Northern Iraq


The humanitarian context in Iraq has transitioned into a new phase with continued protracted displacement and people returning to their homes resulting in significant needs across all sectors. An estimated 6.7 million people are currently in the need of humanitarian assistance according to the UN (2019 Iraq HRP). This includes displaced people in camps and out of camps locations, poor communities hosting large number of displaced people and returnees. In Ninewa and Kirkuk, the humanitarian challenge is greater and more multifaceted. Households in these areas face persistently high levels of multi-sectoral need, particularly those who remain in protracted displacement. This points to a need for new, durable solutions that look beyond temporary humanitarian provision of basic needs and address the medium to longer term needs of these households.


This project aims to address the critical and ongoing material needs of vulnerable communities, while promoting their recovery, protection and reviving of long-term self-sufficiency.

Project action

The project takes a multi-sector approach and will provide more than 9,000 individuals affected by conflict with access to clean drinking water, shelter, protection and livelihoods opportunities. In addition, representatives of local partner organisations and government agencies will be trained and better equiped to respond to humanitarian needs.

Project details


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