Meeting Critical Needs for Emergency Response, Recovery and Returns in the Displacement Crisis in Northern Iraq


The conflict in Iraq has resulted in an unprecedented rapid pace of displacement and return. Approximately 3.4 million people were forced to flee violence in hopes of safety, and now live in in emergency camps, temporary, informal and critical shelter situations. The vulnerability of people is not limited to those living in camps and shelters, but returnees continue to struggle as the lack of basic services, adequate security, infrastructural damage, explosive hazards, and lack of economic opportunity hinders their livelihood restoration. As fighting continues in other areas of the country, the situation remains unstable and the number of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) continue to rise.


This project aims to address the critical and ongoing material needs of vulnerable communities, while promoting their recovery, protection and reviving of long-term self-sufficiency.

Project action

The project takes a multi-sector approach supporting and addressing the most critical needs in the areas of non-food items and shelter, food security, protection, WASH, livelihoods and local capacity. Supporting local authorities, Civil Society Organisations, NGO’s and communities will facilitate the return of IDPs to their homes of origin and initiate early recovery. Activities include distribution of food items, non-food items, shelter materials, hygiene kits, and the establishment of psychosocial support, child/youth friendly spaces, water supply structures and training on income generation.

Project details

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