Linking Flood Affected Populations in North Hamgyong Province, DPRK to New Water Distribution Systems


The Democratic People Republic of Korea (DPRK) was hit by Typhoon Lionrock on August 29th, resulting in flooding and widespread damage in the western part of North Hamgyong Province. 138 people have been killed and 400 people are missing. Nearly 70,000 people have lost their homes and at least 140,000 people are severely affected, while as many as 600,000 need some form of assistance.  Mission East has previously been involved in flood responses, responses to food shortages, and WASH activities elsewhere in the country. The DPRK government approached Mission East, requesting assistance as part of the international response to the flooding.


This project aims to assist flood-affected populations in North Hamgyong Province, DPRK with new water distribution systems and hygiene facilities.

Project action

The project will repair damaged drinking water supplies in flood-damaged rural communities. In the immediate term, chlorine water purification tablets will be distributed to cover urgent water needs. This will prevent the spread of water-borne diseases and other health related issues caused by consuming dirty water.

Project details

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