An Integrated, Community Driven Approach to Relief, Rehabilitation and Development in North Eastern Afghanistan


The Mission East Afghanistan programme is designed to be a continuation and extension of the projects which Mission East has been implementing in Afghanistan since 2002 and more specifically, of the HPA-funded 3-year Rolling Plan under implementation since 2014. The multi-sectorial integrated approach of the  programme allows for multiple and inter-linked factors of vulnerability, both chronic and transient, to be addressed, and for community capacities to be built at various levels through a series of inter-connected interventions, all guided by the unifying framework of the overall programme objective to ‘reduce vulnerability and increase resilience’ .


To reduce vulnerability and build resilience in remote rural communities of north-eastern Afghanistan at risk from protracted instability as well as sudden-onset crises

Project action

Mission East’s programme in Afghanistan is an integrated, community-driven approach to relief, rehabilitation and development. It aims to reduce vulnerability and build resilience in communities suffering from protracted social, economic and environmental instability in the three North Eastern Provinces - Takhar, Baghlan and Badakshan. The programme assists in creating a situation where rural communities are able to develop economically and socially through their own means and capacities. It aims to meet urgent humanitarian needs in the aftermath of shocks and crises and to help rural communities recover in more resilient and sustainable ways, supporting them and their Community Development Councils to develop the potential of their own under-used economic and social resources.

Project details

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