Fostering Disaster Resilient Communities in Isolated Mountain Environments of Tajikistan - Phase X, Tajikistan


30% of communities in Gorno Badakshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO) live in at-risk locations. The continuous impact of adverse natural events, such as earthquakes,takes a heavy toll on the people, property and environment of GBAO, hindering development, safety and livelihood stability in the region. 

Mission East has been active in the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) arena in Tajikistan since 2005. Since then, Mission East has implemented five successful ECHO-funded projects focused on flood risk management and earthquake preparedness, and supported inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in communities.


Through working with Agha Khan Agency for Habitat, government partners, civil society and vulnerable communities in Tajikistan, the project aims to strengthen emergency and disaster response, preparedness capacity, and DRR practices to contribute to a safer and more inclusive habitat in GBAO. Through collaboration with other stakeholders, Mission East will support partner organisation capacity building through the application of best practice and quality standards to which Mission East adhere. 

Focusing on both the regional and the community level in GBAO and Naryn Province, the project works to promotes inclusive disaster risk reduction policies, practices and management. 

As a result of the collaborative nature of the project, Mission East will support Aga Khan Agency for Habitat in successfully fulfilling their aims of improving climate change resilience through structural mitigation of at-risk locations and strengthening national frameworks on disaster risk management in Tajikistan

Project action

he project will carry out a number of activities focusing on inclusion, advocacy and training.
The project will review CoESCD and AKAH (partners) approaches against inclusiveness that include hazard risk assessment, shelter development, emergency stockpiling, early warning systems, community engagement and scenario planning. Further review will be done on current DRM policies, including in order to make Tajikistan’s National Disaster Risk Management Strategy more inclusive. 

To support the policy review activities, the project will also develop a toolkit and measuring mechanisms to improve the level of inclusiveness in DRM and develop key training materials on inclusive DRR. Further training will focus on accessible shelter and evacuation routes for people with disabilities. Follow-up training will also be provided for the previous project’s master trainers.

Project details

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