Equality for All: Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities // Lighed for alle - inkluderende undervisning for børn med handicap


Stigmatization of children with disabilities is still prevalent in the poorest parts of Armenia. The lack of inclusive education leaves many children with disabilities without adequate education, reducing their social and economic opportunities later in life. Currently, many communities still lack the means to finance renovations and equipment for schools to provide inclusive education to children.


The aim of this project is to support schools with renovations, furniture and material to establish education and psycho-pedagogical resource rooms to enable the provision of inclusive education.

Project action

This project focuses on material and physical support for schools. As such, the project focus on providing materials for local staff to renovate psycho-pedagogical support centres and rooms. Upon completion, these rooms, in addition to already existing psycho-pedagogical support rooms, will be equipped with new furniture specially adapted to suit the needs of children with disabilities. The schools will also receive teaching materials and tools to enable children with disabilities to receive equal access to educational opportunities. To support the materials, resources and tools provided to schools, volunteers from educations programs will conducting activities to promote, advocate and spread awareness of the education rights of children with disabilities.

Project details

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