Creating A Safe Space for Mosul's Children of Conflict


Hundreds of thousands of children and youth have endured over two years of conflict and occupation of Mosul by the brutal extremists ISIS. Children make up almost half of the 3 million displaced persons in Iraq. This has upended their lives, shattered communities and social structures, completely destroying the security of ‘home’ and the idea of ‘safety’. The longevity and depth of trauma experienced by these children and youth will take time and effort to overcome and requires  appropriate and dedicated psychosocial support and the re-establishment of a cohesive, stable and safe community.


The overarching aim is to support the conflict-affected population of Mosul by providing of psychosocial and social recovery opportunities to children and youth.

Project action

The project will enable conflict-affected children to have a safe space to play and participate in structured child-focused activities, which will help them learn basic health education and life skills, and enable opportunities for socialization and recovery from distressing experiences. By supporting and building the capacity of Mission East’s local partner, they will be able to deliver child- and youth- focused psychosocial support services and engage in advocacy activities for child and youth issues.

Project details

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