Building the resilience of remote, vulnerable communities in Badakhshan, north-eastern Afghanistan


The proposed project will be implemented in eight villages in the four districts of Keshim, Argo, Darayem and Shar-e-Buzarg of Badakhshan province. The targeted villages are located in remote, under-served areas, areas where accessibility is difficult, infrastructure and basic services are either poor or absent, life expectancy is low, malnutrition is common and water-borne diseases are frequent due to lack of access to clean water and sanitation. The community members and their Community Development Councils (CDCs) are the key drivers of the whole process. The CDCs are the key point of contact in all communities where Mission East works, which helps to legitimize and strengthen their role, and  to build community cohesion and understanding of shared needs and goals. Vulnerability differences within these communities are also addressed to ensure that the traditionally marginalized members are being included in the development process and their needs are being addressed.


To reduce vulnerability and build resilience in rural communities of north-eastern Afghanistan suffering from protracted social, economic and environmental instability 

Project objectives (Outcomes): 

1.    Component I: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)
Immediate Objective: Decreased vulnerability to excreta-related, vector and water-borne diseases through improved access to potable water and adequate sanitation facilities at household and community level, and improved hygiene practices
2.    Component II: Food Security 
Immediate Objective: Increased and improved household food production, consumption, and dietary diversity resulting in reduced vulnerability to disease and malnutrition  
3.    Component III: Livelihood Security
Immediate Objective: Increased household incomes through the promotion of complementary livelihood opportunities, by enhancing the management and marketing capacities of local SHG and producer groups, and by improving market access.

Project details

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