Bringing People Back Together: Women and Youth Community Service Centre in Sinjar City


Iraq has been the scene of one of the world’s largest and most volatile humanitarian crises. As the conflict with IS is coming to an end, the Iraqi government is focusing on supporting the 2.2 million people still displaced and the 3.6 million returnees. Even though Sinjar was liberated late summer 2017, many are still hesitant or unable to return due to concerns about security, damage to infrastructure, fears regarding the changing ethno-religious composition of their place of origin, lack of public services and unexploded contaminated ordinances.


The project aims to establish resilience as a result of responsive protection services and support to socio-economic development of marginalized women and youth.

Project action

By delivering vocational and protection-related services to a highly vulnerable peri-urban population in Sinjar City, women and youth will have opportunities for safe recreation, learning and psychosocial support, creating a sense of stability and promoting social cohesion. Vulnerable conflict-affected women and youth in Sinjar will also gain improved ability to meet their protection needs and  to engage in livelihood building activities. Affected youth community members are further supported through the increased access to skills, resources and opportunities for livelihood activities and development.

Project details

Brandenburg State Government

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