Amplifying the Voices of Persons with Disabilities in Armenian Development Agenda.


Inclusive development implies a rights-based approach to development and focuses on the promotion and protection of human rights. While human rights and development norms and standards should apply to men and women with disabilities, in practice they do not enjoy the full rights on an equal basis with others in Armenia; their rights are not addressed by laws and development programs and they continue to be the most excluded and vulnurable group of Armenian society.


Long term impact aimed for -- The human rights and civic freedoms of boys and girls, men and women with disabilities are ensured by disability inclusive legal framework, development programs and practices.

Project action

To ensure the voice of people with disabilities is heard, the national-level coalition for DPOs (disabled persons organisations) will be strengthened, via the training of disability advocates, the capacity building of DPOs in under-represented regions and improved coalition advocacy planning. Evidence-based advocacy for disability-inclusive development in Armenia will be conducted based on the UN CRPD and SDG frameworks. Project activities will target both people with disabilities and their families as rights holders, as well as duty bearers from local and Ministry levels to effect lasting change via improved understanding of rights and increased capacity of DPO actors.

Project details


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