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Mission East is part of national tv-collection

Funds from the large-scale Danish Collection on January 29 will go to displaced and Corona-affected children in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk.

Help the children of the Corona crisis. This is the theme for this year's Danmarks Indsamling (Danish Collection), which culminates in a major TV show on the national television DR1 on Saturday evening, 29 January 2022.

6 Jan 2022 | Mission East

Compassion is at the core of new strategy

Mission East has adopted a strategy towards 2030. Six strategic goals optimize and target efforts to meet the needs of vulnerable people in connection with the Corona pandemic, climate crisis and local development.

Nadia escaped after 16 months in “hell”

Here is the story of a 21-year-old woman who was captured by ISIS and used as a sex slave for almost a year and a half before she managed to escape. She survived but has had to live with violent trauma and is only now coming back to life with support from Mission East.

Chhaka is a climate champion

Chhaka is campaigning against use of plastic and deforestation in Nepal and pushing for local authorities to become better at preventing floods and landslides.

31-year-old Chhaka is energetic, social and good at campaigning. He has received an award for this from Mission East’s local partner in Nepal, KIRDARC.

Achievements in 2020

Disability and inclusion
Disaster Risk Reduction
Emergency relief
Food Security
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Mission East requests donations to help Ukraine

Mission East is helping displaced people in Nigeria

Vulnerable Populations in Syria and Lebanon

Emergency Humanitarian Assistance

Vulnerable Populations in and around Syria

Disability inclusive development

Multi-sector assistance to communities

Emergency livelihoods in Sinjar

Protection services in Mosul

Multisector support in Kirkuk and Ninewa

Food for Asset Creation in Badakhshan

Providing safe water in Badakshan

Emergency relief and community resilience

Improving livelihoods & food security

Resilient local development

A brighter future

SAAMARTHYA - resilience and inclusion

Women's empowerment in Humla

IDEAS- Inclusive Development

Building a Brighter Future

Improving WASH and Food Security

Bringing People Back Together

Brighter Future

Living Together, Learning Together

Improvement Project

Social Services 4 Inclusion