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Stronger partner in Armenia

Through education and hands-on training Mission East’s long term partner in Armenia has become an even stronger advocate for people with disabilities.
Bridge of Hope, one of Mission East’s closest partners in Armenia, is doing a great job among children and youths with disabilities. To strengthen this work there was a need for improving the methods of monitoring and evaluation that Bridge of Hope uses in its daily work. Furthermore there was a need for more training in financial management.

A question of life or death

Typhoons and floods have caused huge damage in North Korea. By the end of August 2012 Managing Director Kim Hartzner returned from the country that is already struggling to feed it's population.
Find the pictures and read his story here:
"I came home from an extremely dramatic trip to North Korea by the end of August 2012.

Kim Hartzner: Hungry Children in North Korea

Managing Director Kim Hartzner, has returned from a disturbing trip to North Korea. Read his story here: 


"I have just returned from a very dramatic trip to North Korea (July 2012). Even though this year, the supplies of rice from the last harvest have lasted up until June, several store rooms for rice are now empty, and the outlook for the coming months is dark, especially after a period of 2½ months without rain.

1 Aug 2012 | Mission East

Information about the orphanage in Nepal

The Nepal Eternity Orphan Home, an orphanage supported financially by Mission East, is going through serious difficulties and the current orphanage director has been removed from his duties. A team from Mission East went to Nepal to gather information and to assess the situation. Mission East continues to follow the situation closely and is in contact with the relevant authorities and organisations and is making sure that the children at the orphanage are properly cared for. Mission East’s first priority is the care of the children.

August 2012

More than 1.5 million Euros for Afghanistan

Once again, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports Mission East’s work in the north-eastern part of Afghanistan.
Their help amounts to more than 1.5 million Euros for a project assisting the local population in the provinces of Badakshan and Takhar.

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