Create a safer future for Iraqi children

Give a Christmas present to Amira and her friends at the child friendly spaces in war-torn Iraq!

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Give the children of Iraq a better future!

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The children are the Mara people’s future

The Mara people struggle with poverty and isolation in the rugged mountain region of northwest Burma. Until the visit of Mission East field workers in February 2013, only two other Europeans had visited this area since 1938!
One of the Mara people’s greatest challenges is the lack of food in the area, and the high prices for basic goods because they have to be transported from far away on dangerous transport routes. 

Armenia fights to stop the HIV epidemic

HIV/AIDS is a big taboo in Armenia and is rapidly spreading. Mission East just received over 30 million kroner (ca. 4 million Euro) from The Global Fund for its programs in the area.


Many of the heavily affected countries in Africa report progress in the area of HIV/AIDS but the growth in Eastern Europe is explosive. This is also the case in Armenia, where the need for preventive activities is immense.


Stronger partner in Armenia

Through education and hands-on training Mission East’s long term partner in Armenia has become an even stronger advocate for people with disabilities.
Bridge of Hope, one of Mission East’s closest partners in Armenia, is doing a great job among children and youths with disabilities. To strengthen this work there was a need for improving the methods of monitoring and evaluation that Bridge of Hope uses in its daily work. Furthermore there was a need for more training in financial management.

A question of life or death

Typhoons and floods have caused huge damage in North Korea. By the end of August 2012 Managing Director Kim Hartzner returned from the country that is already struggling to feed it's population.
Find the pictures and read his story here:
"I came home from an extremely dramatic trip to North Korea by the end of August 2012.

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