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23 Mar 2015 |

Press Release: Danes help thousands escaping from terrorism

Mission East has once more given out winter help to the displaced people of Northern Iraq who are escaping from Islamic State. Secretary General, Kim Hartzner says “The displaced people are shaken, and their gratitude is touching”.

The terror attack in Copenhagen cost two human lives and shocked Denmark. In Northern Iraq, one million people are on the run from the terrorist movement of Islamic State. The terrorists brutal misanthropy is going at full blast and murdering men, raping women and force marrying girls.

Together we break down barriers

Unwanted and hidden, denied access to education and unable to go outside of the four walls of their home. For people with disabilities, there are many barriers to overcome, both physical, as well as barriers that exist in the minds of other people.

In Tajikistan, children with disabilities are hidden away. In Armenia their parents are reproached for having given birth to them. And in Nepal, persons with disabilities are seen as useless in the harsh mountainous areas, where poverty is so great that there is rarely enough food for the whole family.

20 Nov 2014 |

Press release: Funding from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides vital winter aid to 12,000 Iraqi Internal Displaced Persons

With the funding from Mission East’s Humanitarian Partnership Agreement with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish aid organisation now has the opportunity to help 12,000 Iraqi internal displaced persons who would otherwise be left without aid during the winter. Later this month Managing Director Kim Hartzner will travel to the area once again to participate in the distribution of the vital winter equipment.

13 Oct 2014 |

Mission East ensures winter help for the most needy in Iraq

While the fighting in northern Iraq and Syria continues, the Danish organisation, Mission East, intensifies relief efforts as winter nears in the Dohuk region of northern Iraq.

With temperatures dropping to freezing point in the upcoming winter months, relief aid is urgently needed in the Dohuk region of northern Iraq. In light of this, aid workers from the Danish organisation, Mission East, provide winterization for the most vulnerable displaced people.

30 Sep 2014 |

Mission East is operational in Iraq with a Team of Emergency Experts

The Danish emergency organisation Mission East has established a team of emergency aid experts on the ground in Northern Iraq which is currently witnessing one the largest humanitarian crises in the world. The team will secure clean water, food and shelter for internally displaced Christians and Yazidis in the Dohuk Governorate. 

By Per Bergholdt Jensen

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