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Give a Christmas present to Amira and her friends at the child friendly spaces in war-torn Iraq!

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16 Dec 2016 |

Mahmoud wants to be no 1 in his class

Eight-year old Mahmoud has a serious disability, but the Mission East mobile child centre has inspired him to go back to school.

By Kim Wiesener, Communications Officer

When Mahmoud was five years old, he started feeling the symptoms of the disease that has now tied him to a wheelchair. A couple of years later, when he was in second grade, his school sent him home. It simply was not equipped to handle a pupil suffering from muscular dystrophy.

16 Dec 2016 |

Mission East helped them through the winter

In December 2015, displaced Iraqi families received help to cope with the winter cold.

By Kim Wiesener, Communications Officer

Jihan, her husband and their four children live in an unfinished concrete house. The window frames are big, gaping holes, and the “entrance door” to their temporary home is a thin piece of cloth.

16 Dec 2016 | Mission East

Dane collects money for Iraq

Johannes Lee preferred donations for Mission East to receiving gifts for himself.

By Line Højland, Communications Officer

“For my 40th birthday, I chose to ask the guests to give a donation instead of a gift for me. The reason for choosing displaced people in Iraq was primarily that there was a lot of focus on the issue at the time. Therefore, it also had the attention of myself and my guests,” Johannes said.

16 Dec 2016 | Mission East

Jubilee reception: Aid makes a difference

“Mission East contributes to making Danish development assistance more efficient than we could manage on our own,” then Minister for Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen said at the 25th jubilee celebration on 18 November. The former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Per Stig Møller, added that Mission East’s development work also stabilises vulnerable countries that have been forgotten by the rest of the world.

By Svend Løbner, Freelance Journalist 

Higher school attendance due to improved water facilities

Dehydration, abdominal pains and diarrhea were some of the many problems faced by pupils at a girls’ primary school in Rustaq district. With a new water scheme provided by Mission East the students no longer have to suffer from stomach disease and attendance has increased to nearly 100 per cent.

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