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Mission East's Afghan staff are safe

Mission East's more than 100 local staff in Afghanistan are staying at home while guards look after the organization's four offices. The programs are on hold but resume as soon as the Taliban can guarantee security.

Mission East stays in Afghanistan to meet the needs of the people

PRESS RELEASE: The Danish aid organization Mission East has been providing humanitarien and development aid in Afghanistan for 20 years. The project area is today under Taliban control, but Mission East continues its relief efforts, even though the Allies are withdrawing military aid on 11 September. "We will continue to meet the needs of the population despite the difficult conditions," says international director.

8 Jul 2021 | Mission East

Meteorologist: Help the world to cope with climate change

The famous danish weatherman Mikael Jarnvig appeals to invest money and technology to provide water, food and energy to the world's poorest. Otherwise, our children and grandchildren will witness a climate catastrophe of dimensions, he says. Jarnvig recommends Mission East's climate efforts.

5 Jul 2021 | Mission East

Beneficiaries influence Mission East's strategy

Mission East has just held a workshop with community members in Nepal. Here, they told us what works well and less well in our relief and development work.

For the first time ever, Mission East is now inviting the people we help to contribute their vision of what Mission East's activities should look like in the future.

Mission East provides protective equipment to 50 clinics in Nepal

Nepalese hospitals cannot manage to treat all Covid-19 infected people due to lack of equipment. Mission East supplies sanitizers, masks and other protective equipment to hospitals in the country's poorest region.

Nepal is currently battling the second wave of the Corona Pandemic, a wave that is the worst the country has seen since Covid-19 spread to the country in March 2021. The country has overtaken India in the number of infected and Corona-related deaths per capita.

Dilovarsho is no longer bullied at school

The right diagnosis has led to the right help so that 11-year-old Dilovarsho from Tajikistan can return to school.

Dilovarsho had lost the desire to go to school. His reading was poor, and his vocabulary was not too good either. Therefore, he did not speak like the 11-year-old boy he was. He became an easy victim of bullying and was often beaten by his school mates.

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