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24 Nov 2021 |

Yazidi women release their pain by painting

At Mission East's Civic Center in the Iraqi city of Sinjar, a group of girls and women sit and paint the assaults they cannot express in words. Pain over death, grief over missing friends and their own trauma after violence and sexual abuse.

19 Nov 2021 | Mission East

The Managing Directors 5 landmarks for the future

We are known for providing quality assistance to people in crisis due to war and disaster. In future, we must have even more focus on sustainable and climate-adapted initiatives in collaboration with local organizations and populations, writes Managing Director Betina Gollander-Jensen in this article.

18 Nov 2021 | Mission East

René Hartzner: Mission East is becoming more and more effective

On November 18, 2021, it will be exactly 30 years since René Hartzner founded Mission East. Here he thinks back - and forward - to an organization that has the simple purpose: to help people. "We are moving in the right direction, the organization is becoming more and more well-founded, and the employees are becoming more skilled," he says.

"We just wanted to help."

This is how local Nepalese learn to mitigate climate disasters

Most people in the remote Palata Municipality have learned what to do if their houses and fields are flooded by meltwater from the Himalayas. And they know what crops can survive through the changing climate. All as a result of disaster prevention knowledge gained through Mission East.

Clean drinking water helps Yazidis to survive

A mayor of a Yazidi village was deeply moved during Mission East's visit: “We are persecuted, but the water from your project helps us to live and survive. Our greatest desire is to feel safe in our own home.”

Achievements in 2021

Disability and inclusion
Disaster Risk Reduction
Emergency relief
Food Security
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Mission East requests donations to help Ukraine

Mission East is helping displaced people in Nigeria

Vulnerable Populations in Syria and Lebanon

Emergency Humanitarian Assistance

Vulnerable Populations in and around Syria

Disability inclusive development

Multi-sector assistance to communities

Emergency livelihoods in Sinjar

Protection services in Mosul

Multisector support in Kirkuk and Ninewa

Food for Asset Creation in Badakhshan

Providing safe water in Badakshan

Emergency relief and community resilience

Improving livelihoods & food security

Resilient local development

A brighter future

SAAMARTHYA - resilience and inclusion

Women's empowerment in Humla

IDEAS- Inclusive Development

Building a Brighter Future

Improving WASH and Food Security

Bringing People Back Together

Brighter Future

Living Together, Learning Together

Improvement Project

Social Services 4 Inclusion