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New photos from North Korea: Preparing for Food Distribution to Munchon City

Mission East is preparing for its next emergency food distribution in North Korea.
Mission East will be distributing maize and a food supplement mixture of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins to over 11,000 young children at 42 kindergartens and 56 nurseries in Munchon City, in the particularly food insecure Kangwon Province, as well as to the provincial paediatric hospital and provincial orphanage.

30 Sep 2011 | Mission East

New edition of Mission East magazine

The newest edition of Mission East's magazine is now available on this website.
This time you can read about Afghanistan, where Mission East is building a protection wall protecting the population against natural disasters such as mudslides, earthquakes and floods. Read here what a huge difference it makes to the population.

North Korea's road to hunger

How did it happen that about one million people died of starvation in North Korea in the nineties? Can we prevent such a disaster from happening again soon?
The nineties were a dark period in North Korean history. The collapse of the Soviet Union and several natural disasters played a role in the famine that killed about one million people.
Since the birth of the republic, North Korea has tried to be self-sufficient.

8 Sep 2011 |

Pakistan team goes the extra mile

Poverty is so profound in Pakistan's Swat Valley that staff from Mission East's partner organisation resorted to contributing from their own pockets during a recent distribution of aid.

“I particularly remember one family when I was in Swat Valley last week,” says Nauman Shah, who is the Executive Director of the NGO which Mission East partners with in Pakistan.

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