Zero hunger

Zero hunger

What this goal is about?

End hunger; end malnutrition; increase agricultural productivity and income of small-scale producers (including women, family farmers, etc.) and their equal access to resources/inputs/knowledge; and ensure resilient/sustainable agricultural practices. 

How does ME’s work help achieve this goal? 

Target 2.3, which aims to increase agricultural productivity of small-scale food producers, including women and family farmers, fits well with Mission East’s food security programs which have a specific focus on vulnerable households. These programs, in countries such as Afghanistan, Myanmar, Nepal and DPRK aim to improve nutritional outcomes (target 2.1-2.2) and promote agricultural methods that are resilient and environmentally sustainable (target 2.4). In the first phases of crises, we also provide food assistance to meet immediate nutrition needs (ex. Iraq, DPRK and Syria). 

Relevant ME countries: Afghanistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Syria, North Korea, Iraq (previously)