Working with Mission East

Working with Mission East is an opportunity to change lives for the better. Join us to get involved in a multi-cultural organisation with very committed and passionate individuals who are willing to go the extra mile to serve the most vulnerable.

Current vacancies

Here, you can see information about our current Headquarters and Expatriate (field based) vacancies. The application procedure is confirmed for each vacancy but is generally via submission of an updated CV and letter of application. As we have many applicants and multiple positions, please ensure that you submit your application including the specified job code in the email subject line. 

What do we stand for?

Our vision is to empower people and communities in crisis-affected countries to lift themselves out of poverty and marginalisation.

Our Mission: To help vulnerable populations, supporting communities' capacities to organise and assist themselves, through activities ranging from disaster relief to development assistance.

Our values are compassion, honesty and integrity, respect for all people, and valuing the individual.


You can read more about our values in Mission East’s strategy 2022-2030, Together In Compassion.

Should you join us?

Mission East employees are like a big family, we are passionate, we are committed, we are united by our core values, we operate in teams and support each other, we are open for input and improvement, we want everybody to contribute to achieving our goals.

Equal Opportunities

Mission East is an equal opportunities employer and has a diverse workforce recruited on the basis of ability. Mission East does not discriminate on the grounds of gender, marital status, race, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, or belief.

Mission East strongly encourages people from vulnerable or underrepresented groups to apply for positions for which they match the selection criteria.


Mission East takes seriously its mission to assist the most vulnerable and is committed to the Do No Harm principle in all areas of its work. This includes measures to ensure the safeguarding of children and vulnerable individuals in our activities. All employees are required to sign Mission East’s Code of Conduct. Mission East has a Child Safeguarding policy and an Accountability, Safeguarding and Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse Policy which all employees commit to.

Meet some current and former staff members

Mission East recognises that organisational achievements are the result of great people involved. Here some current and former staff members relate their experience of working with us.

We believe in personal development

Mission East is committed to providing personal and professional development opportunities for all staff members where these are deemed appropriate. Individual employee action plans are agreed following Staff Development Discussion meetings.

Mission East recognises the skills and diversity of its staff and therefore welcomes internally facilitated personal and professional development opportunities through coaching, mentoring or training provision, as well as appropriate external (e.g. training) measures.

Career Development within Mission East

Career development can involve many different directions and Mission East is committed to providing career development opportunities – where possible – for its staff. Opportunities may include staff taking on more challenging responsibilities or roles, learning new skills and developing an existing role, or moving to a different Mission East location. Where programmes allow, opportunities may also include promotion to a more senior position.

Quality in Mission East Human Resource Management

Mission East’s recognises that human resources are its key asset and has a strong commitment to a comprehensive and professional approach in HR management.

Mission East uses relevant benchmarks and standards in the sector to support improvements in human resource policy and management.

In 2005, Mission East was first certified against the People in Aid Code of Good Practice in the Management and Support of Aid Personnel. In fact, Mission East was one of the first organisations in the relief and development sector to be awarded the People in Aid Level 2 Kitemark, which indicated that the organisation was ‘Verified compliant’ with the People in Aid Code.

The principles of the then People in Aid Code were an important catalyst in the development of Mission East’s HR strategy, policies, and procedure and Mission East was repeatedly re-certified against the People in Aid Code, with the last three-year certificate awarded in 2013.

Since 2014 Mission East has been a member of the CHS Alliance (which incorporated People In Aid) and has engaged in learning and improvement against the framework of the CHS.  Following external audit in 2017, Mission East received a Certificate of Compliance with the Core Humanitarian Standard, which demonstrates Mission East’s ability to work to meet the commitments of the standard in action. Mission East continues to be certified against the Core Humanitarian Standard.