Why we do it

Mission East is a christian based organisation and our values are the heartbeat of the organisation. We have five core organisational values: honesty, integrity, compassion, valuing the individual, and respect for all people. These are lived out as ‘values in action’ and can be found in many organisational documents, in the Annual Report, in job descriptions, and in project documents.


Honesty is about ‘telling it as it is’. Mission East tries to give the ‘real picture’ – to the communities that we work with, and to our supporters and donors. This means we don’t just talk about our successes, but also about the uncomfortable things – the obstacles and challenges – and also the things we have learnt. We are accountable for our actions. In the long run, this leads to trust, which is crucial for building relationships and partnerships.


Integrity is more than just being honest, it’s about making sure that we are doing things the RIGHT way too. We do our job in the best possible way. This means we use recognised quality standards and ensure we are delivering the best possible aid and services. We don’t promise things we can’t deliver, and we try not to raise expectations. We have a Code of Conduct which details the standards of behavior required by Mission East staff, board and representatives. Our integrity means we also recognise that we can achieve little by ourselves – we try to support and build up local people, communities and partner organisations. They are the ones who can make change in the long run.


Compassion is at the root of our motivation for our work. While we try to be efficient and effective in everything we do, to get the most out of every donation and give the best to each community we work with, in the end Mission East staff are in the job because they care. Reaching out to people affected by crisis, poverty, or marginalisation, we work with our heads, but are also led by our hearts. Compassion leads us to make special efforts when the work is not easy. And because we care, we don’t just aim for ‘quick fixes’ – we work with communities to try and find long-term solutions to build their resilience.

Valuing the Individual

There are some very obvious ways that ‘Valuing the individual’ translates into an inclusive approach to programming which means that no one is forgotten. In the vision of Mission East everybody counts, and no one is left behind. This means our programmes often have a specific focus on people who would otherwise be ignored or even harmed – people with disabilities, women, particular social groups, etc.   

This value means listening to individual opinions; we work very hard to make sure our projects are informed and shaped by what our beneficiaries tell us about their needs and preferences, as well as listening and responding to complaints. It also means that we work to help people use their own capacities (resources and skills) to improve their own lives and communities.

Respect for all people

Mission East’s respect for all people means we recognise the rights and needs of those who risk slipping off the radar. Often this leads us to work in remote or difficult areas where people need assistance but might not get it from others. Our adherence to the humanitarian principle of impartiality is also linked to this value and means that our humanitarian assistance is based on need alone, without any form of discrimination. In our long-term work, respect for all people leads us to support the advocacy efforts of some groups of people to ensure their voices are heard.