Testimonies from people we serve

Since 1991, Mission East has supported hundreds of thousands of people in many countries by providing emergency relief as well as long-term development assistance. Here some of them recount what the assistance has meant to them.

As a woman, you should not be treated badly. Caste and chhaupadi are bad things in society. Every woman should know her rights, says Jadeni, 55 years old, Nepal.

Jeg er så glad og taknemmelig! Nu kan jeg tage min kone med hen til sygehuset 30 kilometer væk. Jeg vil også bruge nogle af pengene på mad, brændstof og andre fornødenheder til vinteren, says Anwar, Afghanistan.

“This is a great gift, to us it is like finding a treasure.” Jamal, a father of five from a village south of Mosul, describes the box of food he received from Mission East. On the previous day, he had not been able to feed his family.

”I like coming here. I used to be afraid, but I love being here, I feel safe.“ Ali, 8, about coming at one of Mission East’s community centres in Iraq.

“I used to be nervous and shake when I was supposed to speak, so I kept quiet. Now I have a voice to place issues on the agenda, deal with people and even give speeches to large gatherings.” Lalparu Sunar, a Dalit woman from Nepal who, having participated in one of Mission East’s literacy groups, became a local politician.

”Now all of us are happy and healthy. As soon as our village is safe, we shall return. On behalf of the displaced in this camp, I would like thank Mission East for your help. It came just in time.” Alim Khan, a displaced Afghan man who received clean drinking water from Mission East.

“When I turned eight, I was allowed to enroll at the COME School. This is my first year at the school. Here I can eat every day, sleep soundly and study as much as I want to. I get love, hope and visions for the future here.” Beihrozi, a pupil at the COME School in the remote Chin State in Myanmar. Mission East has supported the school for several years.

“When looking back at our not so easy life paths, we are certain that we have won the battle with the challenges of life. Our victory is the result of support of people surrounding us, and we call on all young people to be strong and be sure that they CAN.” Armenian twins Ruzanna og Syuzanna, who – thanks to Mission East – have been able to cope with their disability and are now university students.