Testimonies from our supporters

Mission East would not be able to help so many people without substantial and loyal public support. Even modest contributions can make a big difference to poor and vulnerable people.

Support from private individuals is crucial to the work of Mission East. Apart from being important in themselves, private contributions also act as levers for contributions from large public donors who will often only finance projects if private funds cover some of the expenses. Read here what motivates others to support the work of Mission East.

"I started supporting Mission East because I like the way the work is done; that my money is not eaten up by administration! I first heard about you in 1996 and have supported you ever since."

Jytte Bindzus, 92 år, supporter and member

“Mission East does good and practical work in the immediate vicinity of crisis areas. The relief really makes a difference to people who need it.”

Finn Højland, Holbæk

“I like Mission East. You work in many different places, you cover a lot of ground and do it very well.”

Mathilde, 16, student

“People at Mission East put their hearts into their work and decisions. When I get the Mission East magazine, I leave everything else aside to see which projects they are now working on. It makes me very happy to see that the people in a country like Afghanistan are themselves taking part in building roads and establishing water pipes and wells. Working to complete the project gives them a more tangible relationship with the aid they have received from abroad. Such long-term projects contribute to uniting a population.”

Karin and Kristian Hansen, Vorbasse

“We know from experience that by supporting Mission East, the money doesn’t end up in the wrong pockets, but it goes to people who need it. We support projects with women and children, because educating them is the foundation for enduring change.”

Agnete Ethridge, chairman of the Sæby Church Café