Testimonies from our supporters

Mission East would not be able to help so many people without substantial and loyal public support. Even modest contributions can make a big difference to poor and vulnerable people.

Support from private individuals is crucial to the work of Mission East. Apart from being important in themselves, private contributions also act as levers for contributions from large public donors who will often only finance projects if private funds cover some of the expenses. Read here what motivates others to support the work of Mission East.

"I started supporting Mission East because I like the way the work is done; that my money is not eaten up by administration! I first heard about you in 1996 and have supported you ever since."

Jytte Bindzus, 92 år, supporter and member

We like to support an organisation that gets it right and reaches as many people as possible. That's Mission East. You reach a lot of people for relatively little money. The fact that you are so professional and reach so many is definitely why we support you.

Bent Jerslund, Director at Decorativa ApS.

You have a small administration; this means that a larger part of the money goes directly to helping those who need help. I like that you have such good relationships with the partners. You ally yourself with people who know something about the context in which you operate.

Noomi Lind Rønne from Copenhagen

We always want to do something good. Give something to charity. At Mission East, you can see that your contribution makes a difference. What you do matters to many people in the world. It gives you a good feeling. It means something to feel that you are making a difference.

Rasmus Horn, Experience Manager at LEGO and married to Kristina who is a primary school teacher.

“Mission East does good and practical work in the immediate vicinity of crisis areas. The relief really makes a difference to people who need it.”

Finn Højland, Holbæk