Playground for children with disabilities

One of Tajikistan's first playgrounds with focus on accessibility for children with disability is now finished, next to Mission East’s center for these children.
The playground, which is sponsored by the British Embassy in Tajikistan, will provide new social opportunities for approximately 200 children every month, when they visit Mission East’s center in Penjakent.
"We have selected each part based on what we think would be fun to play with, but we have looked at how the playground can be part of the therapy at the center. Last but not least, the playground is designed with ramps, belts, handles and anything else that must be taken into consideration when constructing a playground for children with disabilities, "says Scott Amis, Director of Mission East’s regional office in the area.
There are few playgrounds in Tajikistan, and they are usually worn out and damaged. It is hard to get good equipment for playgrounds, and many have been built out of cheap materials.
“Hopefully this playground gives the children a place to play, connect with other children, and socially integrate with their peers. We hope it also raises the awareness of people with disabilities in Penjakent within the population,“ says Scott Amis.