Paralyzed baby learned how to stand, walk and grab

Little Madina was paralyzed as a result of a congenital brain injury, but rehabilitation at a Mission East-backed rehabilitation center in Tajikistan made her stand up and grab with her hands. Today she can put on clothes herself.

Madina and her mother, Jabirova, live alone in a village in the southern part of Tajikistan. The mother is the only one to take care of Madina and tries to raise her to the best of her ability. But when Madina was a year and a half old, Jabirova discovered that her little baby was not growing and developing normally. Therefore, in 2017, she decided to take her daughter for treatment.

The diagnosis revealed that little Madina suffers from infantile cerebral palsy. The disease is due to an injury occurring in the brain of the fetus or toddler within the first two years of life. The brain damage affects the child's ability to control and coordinate muscles, movements and balance.

Massage and exercises help

After several unsuccessful treatment attempts, Mother Jabirova decided to try a Mission East-supported rehabilitation center. Here Madina received treatment in three rounds over 60 days. The intensive program had breaks every 21 days.

For the first few weeks, Madina could not get up. But after the rehabilitation exercises and the massage, she began to gently stand on her feet and slowly got used to it. Then she started holding things with her hands. And already after the second and third period at the center, she could walk, sit and put on clothes.

A thankful single mother

"I am so happy that my daughter has received the right treatment. Many thanks to the staff at the rehabilitation center for their good work, which has led to the best possible result, "says Madina’smother, Jabirova.

Madina, who could not even stand, can now walk, sit, dress and hold things with her hands.

It's big for a small family like Jabirovas.

The project is supported by CISU, Civil Society in Development.