Earthquake in Tajikistan – Mission East assesses the situation

A powerful earthquake hit Monday the Central Asian republic of Tajikistan. The Danish aid organisation Mission East who works with the local population on disaster risk reduction and to build water systems in isolated villages of the region, is monitoring the situation closely.

Monday 12:50 local time, a strong earthquake struck the central Asian republic of Tajikistan. The quake measured 7.2 on the Richter scale and had its epicenter in a remote mountain area. The tremors could clearly be felt in the country's capital Dushanbe and as far away as Delhi in India.

The Danish aid organization Mission East has been in Tajikistan since 1997 and is working in the remote villages near the earthquake's epicenter to establish water systems and train people in disaster risk reduction. All Mission East staff in the area is safe.

"We have not received any reports on casualties. In the coming days we will examine the situation in the area closer to the epicenter," said Peter Drummond Smith, Mission East’s operations manager.

The area lies close to  the border with Afghanistan, which in October was hit by an earthquake that caused massive damage. Mission East stepped in with relief aid managed by its teams who work in the area.

In addition to reports from staff in the area, Mission East is coordinating with Tajikistan Government, the UN and other NGOs through REACT - the national Rapid Emergency Assessment and Coordination Team.