Support to the National Program on the Response to HIV Epidemic in the Republic of Armenia

Project background

The prevalence of HIV remains an acute country-wide issue in Armenia. To prevent the spread of the epidemic, Mission East, as a Global Fund supported program, supervise the activities of 11 local organisations and government bodies in supporting people living with HIV/AIDS and help the most at-risk people. These local organisations and government bodies focus on people living with HIV, including HIV-infected pregnant women and children born to them, family members of people with HIV, injecting drug users, commercial sex workers, men who have sex with men, prisoners, the mobile population, and young people aged 15-24. 

Through the programme's particular focus on the populations most at-risk for HIV/AIDS, and young people aged 15-24, this programme is critical to the effort to reduce prevalence to below 5% among most-at-risk populations, effectively reversing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Armenia.

Project aims

Mission East’s aims to accelerate the reduction and prevention of the HIV epidemic in Armenia, to provide support and treatment to those living with HIV and to enhance the supportive environment for a sustained multi-sectoral response to HIV.

Project action

The activities of the 11 local organisations and government bodies focus on training of Civil Society Organisation staff and peer educators to work with most-at-risk population groups in HIV prevention, providing support, care and outreach to people living with HIV, and distributing preventative materials such as condoms.

Project details

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