Shelter and Employment to Syrian Armenian Refugees

Project background

The devastating conflict in Syria has created a massive influx of refugees in the region, including Armenia. As the conflict continues in Syria, the original intent of a returning home once the conflict had been resolved is quickly diminishing. This has created a need for the Armenian Government to address the physical, social and legal problems of vulnerable Syrian refugees residing in Armenia. Although the Armenian Government, International Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations are implementing assistance programs, the situation of refugees remains critical. The violence experienced in Syria, in addition to the difficulty of displaced living conditions, is causing psycho-social distress for many refugees.

Project aims

Working together with our partners Armenian Redwood Project, Oxfam and UNHCR, the project aims to contribute to the mitigation of the humanitarian situation of the most vulnerable refugees in Armenia, displaced as a result of the Syrian crisis.

Project action

The project will address the immediate housing and psycho-social needs of at least 308 vulnerable refugee households in Armenia displaced from Syria, and contribute to the development of long-term housing and employment situations for the refugee population. A Core Group of qualified social workers will be trained to support the refugees with their well-being.

Project details

Armenia Redwood Foundation
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Project status

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