Promotion of a protection environment that strengthens services for children with targeted assistance in East Mosul

Project background

According to the Humanitarian Needs Overview 2018, children in Iraq continue to suffer severe protection risks during displacement and upon return. Recent studies highlight the heavy impact of the conflict in Mosul on children, who experienced a variety of mental health issues after being subjected to the most extreme trauma. In addition, many families are facing financial/ economic issues, due to which the risk of child labor has increased.  Certain protection needs are closely related to age and gender, e.g. the risk of arbitrary detention for boys above age 9, while protection concerns for older boys include recruitment into the armed forces. Girls face particular risks related to early marriage and Gender-Based Violence.  Recent surveys estimate that children/youth make up approximately 58% of the population of East Mosul.   Child protection priorities in Mosul, as defined by the Child Protection Sub Cluster, include family reunification, supporting children at risk through case management, and encouraging child participation in sustained psychological support programmes .

Project aims

1. Strenghtening national and local capacity to provide sustained child protection services. 
2. Support children through case management who have been exposed to and those who are at risk of abuse, exploitation, neglect and violence. 
3. Provide structured psychosocial support to street-involved children and youth, after building rapport through recreational activities.

Project action

As a result of the project 2,265 individuals including women, children and youth will be able access psychosocial support through case management and recreational activities. In addition 30 case workers from LNGOs and government in Mosul will be trained in order to be able to provide adequate protection services to affected population.

Project details

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