Living Together, Learning Together: A Child's Right to Quality Inclusive Education

Project background

People living with disabilities in Armenia remain subject to discriminatory attitudes, inaccessible environments and communications barriers, resulting in their marginalization and exclusion from civil society. Many schools and education curriculums disregard the educational needs of children with disabilities, foreshadowing a life of exclusion from both social and economic opportunities, and restricted participation in society.

Project aims

By the end of the project, we hope to see three major developments: the enhancement of the rights of children with disabilities and special educational needs to inclusive quality education through the establishment of functioning psycho-pedagogical support services; the strengthening of the network of Parents’ Support Groups in advocating for the basic human rights of children with disabilities and special educational needs, at both school and community levels; and the promotion of the Universal Inclusive System of Education by civil society.

Project action

Together with Mission East’s long-standing partner ‘Bridge of Hope’, the project will support and develop the practical skills, capacity and competence of staff and psycho-pedagogical support services in 7 mainstream Tavush schools on inclusive education. The project will also support the already established Parent Support Groups in their continued advocacy for their children’s rights at school and in the community. Additionally, the project will work on fostering the capacity of the local partner Bridge of Hope’s centres to function as specialized pedagogical-psychological services to inclusive schools and children with disability and special educational needs.

Summary of evaluation report

Project details

Civil Society in Development (CISU)
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