IDEAS: Inclusive Developments for Equitable and Accountable Society

Project background

This project is part of a multi-country programme working with partners across 4 countries (Myanmar, Nepal, Tajikistan, Armenia),  with the aim of strengthening civil society to help communities and individuals overcome poverty, marginalisation and vulnerability.  In Armenia, the programme focuses on continued strengthening and enhanced representativeness of civil society actors advocating for improved service delivery for people with disabilities.  Mission East’s longterm partnership with local disability rights organisation Bridge of Hope provides a strong basis for activities raising public awareness on human rights, especially of the rights of people with disabilities

Project aims

Country Project Objective :  Empower civil society organizations of/for people with disabilities to mainstream disability issues into national priorities across sectors and to improve opportunities for boys and girls, men and women with disabilities to have equal access to inclusive education, social services and political participation in Armenia.

Project action

Project activities will support the strengthening of local groups and organisations to change attitudes to disability, and take action to improve services for people with disabilities.  A resource centre willl support advocates and campaigners for disability rights as well as policy-makers and communities. A series of trainings and meetings will raise awareness of the rights of people with disabilities.    Specific monitoring and training actions will support continued improvements in inclusive education in Armenia.

Project details

Project codes
Project status

40.1872023, 44.515209