Emergency Food Support for crisis-affected and at-risk Households in Badakshan province - Asset Creation Scheme

Project background

Since late 2017 Afghanistan has been suffering from a severe drought due to poor precipitation in more than 20 provinces. This has led to extensive failure of crops in 2018 and widespread loss of livestock among the rural population. Some of the worst drought-affected provinces are found in the north-west and in the north-east. Badakhshan is one of the four worst-hit provinces in Afghanistan with some of its districts already at emergencylevel. Agriculture and livestock rearing form the basis of rural livelihoods in Afghanistan; the drought has put lives and livelihoods at risk throughout the country, with the north-east severely affected.

Project aims

The overall aim of the project is to contribute to improved food security and to achieving the Global Goal of Zero Hunger by 2030 by (i) reducing drought-induced short-term food insecurity and (ii)by helping drought-affected households to become more crisis-resilient by improving agricultural infrastructure, yields and food production in Ishkashim, Shughnan and Wakhan districts of Badakhshan.

Project action

Project activities include
1. Improve long-term food production and incomes, by increasing agricultural acreage and yields through building of cost-effective, community-initiated irrigation canals;
2. Provide improved short-term access to basic food supplies through their participation in Food Assistance for Asset schemes to drought-affected and at-risk households in targeted locations, and sustainably increase household food production, consumption and dietary diversity by improving existing knowledge, tools and capacities of women household members;
3. Build resilience of crisis-affected and at-risk households to cope with and recover from vulnerabilities arising from frequently recurring natural hazards by strengthening community-based institutional capacities for disaster preparedness, mitigation and response, and for collective action.

Project details

World Food Programme
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Project status

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