Building a Brighter Future for Persons Living with Disabilities

Project background

This project is part of a multi-country programme working with partners across 4 countries (Myanmar, Nepal, Tajikistan, Armenia),  with the aim of strengthening civil society to help communities and individuals overcome poverty, marginalisation and vulnerability. In Tajikistan, the programme focuses on the capacity building of CSOs to effectively represent the interests and needs of persons with disability.  Mission East’s involvement with local partners in this often ‘forgotten’ situation is important to bring about long-term change for the most vulnerable. Tajikistan has a weak civil society and a poor human rights situation.  The rights of people with disabilities are poorly understood, resulting in insufficient services and widespread discrimination.

Project aims

Strengthen civil society organizations in Tajikistan to understand and advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities, contributing to more inclusive policy and service delivery in Khatlon and Sughd

Project action

Community-awareness campaigns, and identification and registration of people with disability, will increase access to state-provided services and decrease social stigma. Parent support organisations will also enable further advocacy on the rights of people with disabilities.  Working with rehabilitation centres will also improve the quality and environment of therapy for children with disabilities.

Project details

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