Affirmative actions to end hunger and exclusion for girls in remote mountainous communities of Nepal

Project background

The proposed project area, Province No.6 is the poorest, most underdeveloped region of Nepal with over 50% of the population living below the poverty line. This extreme poverty is compounded by illiteracy, high degree inequalities, damaging socio-cultural practices, food insecurity and gender-based violence. 
Poor and marginalized girls of this area are severely affected by hunger and exclusion at home and in their community. They are particularly vulnerable given their lack of knowledge and capacity to claim their basic rights to education, health and nutrition. Adolescent girls are pressed to be highly engaged in household chores and work rather than attending school. This is compounded by gender- based discrimination and violence leaving them with very limited opportunities in life.  Local government representatives currently have little knowledge or capacity to promote the rights of these girls.

Project aims

This project aims to enhance food security and reduce the exclusion for girls in these remote rural communities.  This will be achieved through the adolescent girls having better access to education and being empowered to take hold of opportunities to improve their life situation.  Their food security situation will improve by  increased food availability and mothers with diversified incomes. Additionally, the project will support local advocacy for the rights and needs of adolescent girls and women.

Project action

This project builds the capacity of adolescent girls and women as non- discriminated civil society actors in the target areas. It also improves the environment for securing and exercising their rights, via community awareness raising including men and youth,  and campaigns against harmful discriminatory practices. This is planned to bring a sustainable change in circumstances for the target group, coupled with the support to improved food security situation through income generation. Further, Mission East and KIRDARC will work on specific capacity building of local government (for example rural municipality office holders). This will support the long term realisation of girls and women’s rights from an institutional standpoint, including girls with disabilities and from marginalized ethnic groups/ castes.

Project details

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